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About Us


Excellence does not happen overnight. It takes years of passion, creativity and dedication. Advance Designs was established in 2009 as an advertising agency based in Alexandria, Egypt. Wanting to take a juristic action, the chairman and founder of this company decided to create a business that will turn ideas into valuable brands. Now Advance Design is recognized as one of the trust worthy, respectable, leading and well known company in Alexandria's business market.

We are specialized in various sectors of the business world including: Advertising and Printing Department, Advertising and Lifestyle Magazine, Construction, Interior Design, Remodeling and Finishing Department. Advance Designs is a reliable company, working with a large number of leading multinational and national companies in Egypt, offering new possibilities and helping our clients to overcome their routine and embark in our mission. Our Company is known for its unique strategies that tend to always highlight us on the Egyptian map. Today, the name Advance represents luxury inventive concepts in fresh modern style with a symbol of trust, honesty and time-honored-standards. In our company we think different, work like professionals and behave like a family.


The Development of your business is our specialty, privilege and concern. In Advance we offer all the possibilities you need to expand widely in the field of your expertise. Regardless of your company's background; size, age and field, we sure can give you the one extra step you need to achieve your goals in the highest standards. Advance Design is devoted to instantly gratifying the needs of various divisions by providing clients with strategies, quality products, ideas, services and designs.

Our Finest creation in creativity and design, diverse a variety of ideas in every field we work in, that will surly help you achieve the level of success you’re aiming to achieve. Our team is in constant search to provide you with the finest innovative ideas that will suite your desire. But we will never stop there, we will always dig deeper, delve beyond the façade to uncover every unique idea to our clients. In Advance your wish is always a reality.


Constructing brands today demand a clear understanding of how communication technology and animated creativity combine. This is a world where the consumer is now in control, his approach is dominant and his vision is vital. Advance Design will help you integrate your ideas from being just a thought to a leading brand in the business world.

Our goal is to grow rapidly and professionally grasping every aspect in the business world. In our company we are dedicated to look after our client's best interest, their satisfaction and happiness is our number one concern, no matter how hard we strive to achieve it. Our philosophy speaks to every client who values the rich taste in design. Advance Design is a company with ever-expanding ideas and a team with a limitless vision that will stop nowhere to achieve excellence. Quality of work and creativity in design defines the Advance approach.